Terms & Conditions

  • Any job quoted by photo is for the area of damage within the photo only. Any additional damage outside of the photographed area would have to be re-quoted on the day.
  • We aim for all our repairs to be unnoticeable to anyone oblivious to the original damage. We work outside against the elements and it is not a new panel sprayed by a robot in controlled factory conditions so it is fair to say we aim for the repair to be 95% or better of its original factory finish. A trained eye can pick out even a high end bodyshop repair if closely inspected.
  • We aim for a high quality repair but at a cost effective price outside of a controlled workshop environment. We offer a guarantee on the repaired area on all our work (aside from any rust damage or touch in repairs) for 3 years. If at any time a claim is made on the guarantee we will first of all come out to you to inspect the issue and redo the repair. If after that rework there is still an issue we will then consider a partial or full refund. If for whatever reason you decide to take the car to a third party to rectify a repair we will not be liable for that rework. In order to claim under the guarantee a receipt and invoice number is a requirement.
  • We disclaim against having to satisfy a 3rd party or lease return inspection.
  • We will only work to satisfy the cars key-holder.