Mobile Car Body Repairs

Individual staff with over 10 years experience in their craft – services you can trust. Our skills in every department are of the highest standards in the industry.

With many years of experience involved in vehicle body, we’re aware that working with insurance companies, in most cases very time consuming and incredibly stressful experience. Hence why we always try and keep our repairs under your insurance excess accident repair process, alleviating you the inconvenience & time consuming experience.

Dent Repair At Our Mobile Bodyshop

If you or someone insured to drive your vehicle is involved in an accident, fear not. We can bring your car to our mobile bodyshop or a we can arrange to meet you at your home or place of work If the accident was a non fault accident.

Through our partners we are able to provide (in most cases) like-for-like paint repairs. So if your Aston Martin, Audi A5, BMW Z4, Jaguar XK, Peugeot 206, Saab Conv, VW Golf GTi etc are involved in an car accident requiring car repairs & car body repairs, feel safe that you’ll receive a quality fix that is being repaired by our mobile bodyshop.

If you require more information on dent repair, car accident repair or other more extensive car body repair work at any bodyshop throughout Leeds Bradford Harrogate and Halifax, please contact us or call us today on 07940 30 84 84.

Car Body Repair Mobile

Only main dealer paints, manufacturer approved materials body parts are used in both mechanical and body repairs, so you can be assured that your car is being repaired to the highest standard.

All of our technicians have been fully trained by Audi, Bentley, BMW, Volkswagen with the remainder being trained by Ford, Jaguar, Saab.

Car crash/accident repair damage – stressful, inconvenient & time consuming… Yes? Not any more!
Kiwi Colour will:

  • Repair your damaged vehicle(s) from your home or place of work
  • Body repair and/or repair part(s)/panel(s)
  • Return your vehicle in pristine condition

We promise to do as good, if not, a better job and be cheaper than any main dealer!

Minor Car Body Damage Repair In Leeds

During your ownership of a car you are most likely to find that your car is damaged, either from an accident you have had yourself or damage someone else has caused to your car while you were not there. When this happens you will have the choice of having this damage repaired or leaving it as it is.

One of the most common questions we are asked, should I get my scratch repaired? Obviously this is only a question you can answer, however a damaged car will not look very good and will effect the value of the car. We would advise anyone with any damage on their car to have it repaired as this not only effects what people think of the car but what they think of you.

Think about if you were buying a car, would you want one that had damage? The last thing you want is for people to see you have bought a new car that looks horrible. People also start to think what else you have neglected, has the car been serviced? Is there a problem with the engine? Why didn’t you bother to have the damaged fixed?

Even if you are not selling your car having a scratch repaired is worth having it repaired. It is amazing how damage attracts more damage, if people see a damaged car in the car park they are less careful around it. It is also about taking pride in your car, people often think a persons car reflects them.

SMART Repairs

The repairs we carry out are called SMART repairs. SMART stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques. SMART Repair is the car bodyshop alternative allowing us to offer a mobile car body repair service. We can come out to your home or place of work in order to carry out your car body repairs.

SMART was originally developed for the motor trade and is used by car dealers through out the country to make sure they got the highest profits for the cars they sell. All we require to complete a repair on your car is somewhere to park our van close to the car that needs repairing and a power supply to plug in to. We are able to repair a range of cosmetic car body repairs and bring your car back to great condition.

Car scratches and dents can occur on any of the panels on the body of your car. They can be light scratches like that of a tree branch scratch or can be deep down to the metal with light surface rust. Dents can range from small door dings or minor car accident damage.

The repair process we choose to use can vary depending upon the particular damage on your car, we will assess the damage and use the solution best to repair your car at an affordable price.

If your car has been in a minor car body repair accident, hit a brick wall, had a scrape with another car or been keyed, why not give us a call and find out how much it would cost to have your car repaired call us now on 07940 30 84 84.